POF Pacific Company Limited
POF Pacific Company Limited
POF Pacific Company Limited
POF Pacific Company Limited was founded in 2000 by a skilled management team with more than 20 years of experience in the plastics industry. It began as the first polyolefin shrink film manufacturer in Thailand. Trusted by customers who are leading manufacturers and distributors of consumer products both domestically and abroad.
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Our new head office building which located on Sri Nagarindra Road , close to Novotel Hotel , have been available since July 2014. Traffic and transportation are convenient and closer to Bangkok downtown. Please feel free to visit us there!”

POF Shrink Film PE Shrink Film Shrink Label Laminated Film PP Board Polyminium Roof OUR PRODUCTS

With the superior technology of our multi-layer extrusion machine, “BAWO” shrink films can enhance betterperformance with lower cost compared to regular mono-layer shrink film.

Laminated film or laminated plastic. It is a production process that coats plastic film. Plastic goes well with other materials. such as various types of paper food packaging or metallic foil They will be glued together. 

Plastic sheet made from Polypropylene or is widely called Future board Can be used in many different types, such as screen printing, media signs, advertising signs, and exhibitions.

Polyminium foof,aluminum + Polymer, the latest innovation in foofing
Polyminium roof It is a product that was developed To solve problems and other types of roof shortcomings 

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